Arche Tierwohl e.V.

The slightly different animal protection

Our plan

I greet you with my whole heart for our animal friends!

My name is Stephen and since September 2022 we have been sending messages and posts about animal suffering out into the world via our social media channels.

The Arche Tierwohl (Ark Animal Welfare) stands for:

Animal protection - love for animals -
animal paradise - animal care

Animal suffering around the world is increasing every second.
We can no longer just look at it.
We are vegan and try to do everything we can to make our project a complete success. We are also working on rescuing dogs from killing stations.

There are a lot of animals that have to experience the most extreme brutality!
This breaks our hearts.

We are looking for a property where we can care for these animals.

We need your help!

Whether you donate or shop in our shop or help us become better known.
You are helping us a lot!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and so do the animals.
We show people what happens to animals
because we all owe it to them!

Will you help us?



The project "Arche Tierwohl" 

A sanctuary is to be built in the mountains. A place of peace and arrival where no animal has to fear for its life anymore!
A community that - as far as possible - exists self-sufficiently and solely FOR the animals.

Which animals?

Initially we would like to focus primarily on dogs and cats from killing stations or other emergency situations and rescue them. Chickens and rodents should also be saved. As soon as it is within our means, we will also allow the ungulates to take refuge with us.

The property

We are looking for a property in the mountains of southern Germany. It should have a water source and ideally there should already be a yard.
We work with what we get. Accordingly, it is not so easy to determine an exact property size. If we could wish for something, we would like to have 10 hectares of land available - which would certainly make sense in order to run a self-sufficient community.
But we care about every single animal soul we can save! And even on a small piece of land, we can save many lives.

This is how we will create a paradise for animals, board by board, with existing resources, creative and inventive thinking and, as far as possible, with your financial support!

Because it's not about size, it's about getting started!

Animals First.

Start-Up Funding

The base of our project is the property/farmyard. We would like to finance this through donations.

Our mental donation goal is approximately €900,000. This sum is based on land/real estate prices in higher regions in southern Germany.

If this fundraising goal is not reached, all donations already made will continue to flow into the “Arche Tierwohl” project.
Because no matter whether big or small - we will build an ark for animals in need!

If you, dear reader, would like to support us, then be sure:
Every euro goes into animal protection! We don't earn any money from it - it's all about saving and caring for animals!

Ongoing Funding

 Now we are on our property and can rescue animals. But how do we want to finance all of this?

We set up an online shop in advance, which should give us a certain level of security in the future. Take a look! Maybe there is something suitable for you!


In addition, various business areas are planned that are compatible with our community life and will generate income for us.

Animal sponsorships can create additional sources of income.

If you are interested in making a generous donation and would like to find out more about our project and our planned implementation, please contact us! We will then be happy to inform you about our complete business plan! You can see the shortened version (only German) here:

Short Businessplan German
Businessplan 22.11.2023.pdf (5.12MB)
Short Businessplan German
Businessplan 22.11.2023.pdf (5.12MB)

Contact form

Thank you for being there!
Thank you for your support - for the benefit of the animals!



The Team

The Arche Tierwohl family 

 "Development is only possible if you realize how much is possible."
Stephen from above

The unconditional love for animals connects us.

Our project has been rolling since September 2022. We are still spread across Germany and even Austria, but that should change soon.

The plan to found an ark brought us together.
The endless suffering of animals, the exploitation, killing and eating of these divine creatures should stop now!

With the Ark Animal Welfare we would like to make amends to the animals for a fraction of what humanity has messed up and ignored.

The welfare of the animals - that's what it's all about! - Animals first!

Together for the well-being of the animals

Stephen & Nadine

We are here to provide a safe space for animals. The future of
Animals in Germany and other countries is in great danger.
With your help and support we can give the animals a future! ❤️


Our Creator is the final authority that you went along and looked away and accepted the death of the animals for your own satisfaction.
All animals deserve a life in love & harmony and without fear, suffering & pain. That's exactly why we're here and would like to share our vision of the Ark with you ❤️


What do you think?
What crime has a cow committed to justify the premeditated murder of her?
Why is a pig locked in a small space and a dog allowed to sleep in your bed?
I yearn for a fair world in which we live in peace and harmony with our brothers and sisters - the animals. In our Ark Paradise ❤️


When I look into the eyes of an animal, I see something else besides love. It's sadness. The animals are sad that people treat them like this and still can't and don't want to understand that we are all brothers and sisters. We are all God's creatures and everyone has the right to a free and beautiful life. We, the team from “Arche-Tierwohl” want to eliminate this sadness so that only love remains.
Are you pitching in!? ❤️


The MOST VALUABLE thing in life
are not the things you own or want!

It's the encounters with the ANIMALS! They GIVE you their unconditional love ❤️
Countless animals are hunted, tortured, abused, tormented and eaten every day!!!

Helping animals and giving them a happy and beautiful life with lots of love, compassion and care is part of my life's mission!
In harmony with Mother Earth and God's creation, we create a little piece of heaven with our ARK for a multitude of poor souls!❤️

Karin has a certificate of expertise with authorization to lead assistance dogs, tracking dogs and protection dogs.


Sananda's message immediately touched my heart with a painful pang:

Animals look with faithful eyes.
Animals show us their unconditional love.
Animals have feelings, like you and me.

The slaughter of animals, all animal testing, and animal cruelty are truly not in God's spirit - and that is exactly my motivation for saving the dear animal souls in our ark. ❤️


Animals are the mirror for humans. This mirror shows us a cold, callous world without compassion and love, even towards animals.

I was part of this world and had lost my way. It was time to change direction!
The spiritual world helps me getting back on the path - to myself and to my brothers and sisters!
There are no coincidences. I was led to the ark, just as you found our website for a reason.
Let us help to create a new home for God's creatures in a loving home and to live with them in peaceful coexistence - in love and gratitude! 💚


The animals experience so much suffering at the hands of unconscious people. I want to make up for as much of this as I can and give the animals the appreciation they deserve. ❤️
Animals are gifts from God to us humans and I dream of a world in which everyone finally understands this. And with "Arche Tierwohl" I am now taking active steps in the right direction.
Are you going with us? ❤️

Nadine 2

Lately I've been looking for a way to give something back to the poor creatures of this world that I unconsciously took from them in the past.
I'm just a person with a heart and would like to try to make amends for it with the Arche Tierwohl and just do as much as I can to help the animals find a home.

Support of our team

Animal mediator Paulien Scholz

Pauline Scholz is our animal ambassador. Since her early childhood there has been a deep connection and friendship between her and the animals. For Pauline, life without animals is unthinkable. Animals are a gift to humanity and an enrichment in life. They are teachers and friends at the same time. Animals mirror people and show them their blockages and fears. Throughout her life, Pauline was able to get to know a wide variety of animals and experience them as her friends and teachers.

Since October 2019, Pauline discovered her ability to be clairsentient and to communicate telepathically with animals. She has been able to demonstrate these skills several times. Satisfied animals and their owners are proof. Pauline sees it as her job to pass on the animals' message to humanity and to be a language and communication mediator between the two.
We are very grateful for the close collaboration with Pauline. She has been able to help many of our animals.